Mission Statement – Microscopic Expeditions

The microscope is a magical instrument that allows us to peer into the worlds of tiny creatures and miniature ecosystems, and to visualize and discover the identity and beauty of microscopic life. Currently, we are in the process of carrying out a series of “Cousteau style” expeditions to discover and rediscover some of the great ecosystems of the world from the reefs and shipwrecks of Micronesia to the savannas of the Serengeti and tributaries of the Amazon Basin. In these expeditions, we plan to visualize and image these environments and the life within them from a new perspective, from the view of the microscope lens. Through our journeys, we hope to combine photography, videography, underwater photography, microscopy, science, art, music, sailing and diving with newfound friends to create unique experiences, to capture memories, and to uncover tantalizing stories through images, writings, art exhibitions, and lectures. Come, be a part of our pursuit.

Joe on boat

Photo by Darya Warner

Joe DeGiorgis, PhD, Director & Expedition Team Leader

Darya Warner, Director of Operations

Team Members



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